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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide and maintain a stimulating, creative, and save environment for the children at our centre.  We strive to provide a warm, loving, and nurturing environment for all our children in our centre.

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to nurture the children and families and help them grow in love and respect.  We believe in the process of learning through play, rather than focusing on the end product.

Code of Ethics

  • We promote the health and well-being of all children
  • We believe in Character Education, meaning we promote and teach positive personal values and behaviours. This is prevalent in everything we do. Some examples of these values and behaviours are sharing, anti-bullying, perseverance, respect, and integrity.
  • We strive to enable children to participate to their full potential in environments that are carefully planned to serve individual needs and to facilitate the child's progress in the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive areas of development.
  • We demonstrate caring for all children in all aspects of our practice.
  • We work in partnership with parents, recognizing that parents have primary responsibility for the care of their children, valuing their commitment to the children and supporting them in meeting their responsibilities to their children.
  • We work in partnership with colleagues and other service providers in the community to support the well-being of children and their families.
  • We work in ways that enhance human dignity in trusting, caring, and co-operative relationships that respect the worth and uniqueness of the individual.
  • We pursue, on an ongoing basis, the knowledge, skills and self-awareness to be professionally competent.
  • We demonstrate integrity in all our professional relationships.

Open Door Policy

We welcome families into our program to observe, interact, question, and provide input at any time during business hours.  Our open door policy helps families get to know our program and feel secure in leaving their children in our care.

Diversity/Inclusion Policy

As a program, we value and respect all families regardless of race, culture, religion, abilities, lifestyles, or social background.

  • We welcome and respect all contributions and involvement from children and parents.
  • Opportunities are provided that allow each child to use their own abilities, skills, and talents.
  • Staff encourage all children in the program to try new things on their own.
  • Staff ensure that all children of all abilities are able to participate in activities if they choose to do so.
  • Recreational activities are planned.
  • A variety of cultural and inclusive activities and materials are provided for children to use.
  • Staff provide the children with opportunities to celebrate individual differences and unique qualities.

We strive to embrace and meet the needs of all children in our program as we believe everyone has the right to feel a sense of love and belonging.